Practical guidelines

"Repairing things makes the world a better place, -- this book is a must-read for doing that work.” (Prof. Harald Lesch)


Fixing Things for the Future

Under the title “Fixing Things for the Future,” we have put together a brief summary of our experiences. In doing so, the Student Repair Shop would like to "set a precedent," i.e. make this experience available to as many people as possible for their own use. The book "Fixing Things for the Future" can be ordered through for 15 euros, including shipping costs. You can also download a pdf of the handbook for free.


  • The educational concept behind the Student Repair Shop
  • Educational (Learning) outcomes
  • What customers, students, parents and volunteer repair instructors have to say about the Student Repair Shop
  • Tips on getting set up with the tools you’ll need
  • Suggestions for how to organize your own Student Repair Shop
  • Safety advice
  • Repairs tips based on our experience

Handbook PDF >> Link